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Getting Saucy

Dr. Deborah Sailler, family medicine physician and culinary medicine specialist, and Lauren Chandler, chef educator, discuss the health benefits of herbs while creating two herb-focused sauces (peanut and chimichurri) to enhance several grilled veggie and rice noodle summer dishes.

Mental Health

Be patient with yourself

Singer-songwriter Alessia Cara reminds us to be patient with ourselves, and to never be afraid to talk about what you’re feeling or ask for help.

None of us are alone

Pop trio AJR reminds us that if you know someone going through a rough patch, it’s important to reach out and let them know you’re there.

These times are difficult

It’s tough out there. Hearing from you might help someone else get through these times.

The struggle is real

It can be hard to share our feelings—especially when we’re in a rut. But taking the courageous step to open up to others can help you feel better.

Be the change

Reach out. You never know the difference one conversation can make.

We all need support

We can all use support right now. Let’s be there for each other.

Health Education

Motivation for Change: Small steps for lasting change

This webinar can help prepare you to take small steps toward a goal or change you want to make, while overcoming common barriers.

Purpose, Connection & Hope

Social isolation and burnout have become more common in the U.S. How we handle isolation has lasting effects on our overall well-being. The ability to bounce back from sadness takes focus, attention, intention, and practice to counteract loneliness and burnout. This webinar will help you understand the impact they have on your social, emotional, and physical health. We’ll review tools and resources to strengthen your resilience. Discover your personal character strengths to optimize ways to manage isolation and loneliness, be an active participant in the community, and know what it truly means to thrive!

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a way to recognize and affirm a goodness outside of ourselves that positively impacts our life. People who regularly recognize the good deeds of others, and affirm it through words or actions, experience powerful emotional, social, and health benefits. A daily practice of gratitude seems simple enough. But like many other changes, it can be a challenging new behavior to start and maintain. We’ll talk about the many types of gratitude practice you can begin at home and work.

Manage Weight, Improve Health

There are many factors vital to maintaining weight loss long-term. Ensuring these healthy behaviors remain “a way of life” is key to your success. Come learn about the truth about weight and health and how important healthy behaviors contribute to your losing weight and keeping it off. We’ll also discuss tools and resources that can help you stay focused and motivated.

Taking Care of YourSELF

Self-care is essential for anyone who wants to live a more balanced and healthy life. This webinar focuses on 4 ways to improve SELF care: Sleep, Exercise, Love, and Food. When practiced daily, these simple-to-follow care strategies support your well-being. We’ll also discuss creating a realistic action plan, using your personal strengths to lead a more balanced lifestyle.